Billing Solutions

• Electronic Claims Submission - via (Office Ally)

The Medical Executives will submit your claims electronically, which is the most efficient way to receive reimbursement in the timeliest and consistent manner. We do have the ability to submit paper claims in the event that is necessary.

• Accounts Receivable Management

Our account managers are accountable for ensuring that all of your aged receivable are maintained and controlled. It is our goal to eliminate and/or reduce your denied and underpaid claims while MAXIMIZING your company’s revenue!

    1. Why is it important to maintain account receivables?
        a. Control over cash flow
        b. Provides monitoring of collections
        c. The older the claim, the harder it is to collect!

    2. How to manage accounts receivables?
        a. Accurate insurance verification
        b. Claims tracking
        c. Record payments
        d. Follow Up! Follow Up!


Whether you are starting a new practice, enrolling in Medicare, adding a new physician to your group, or updating necessary insurance information, The Medical Executives will eliminate that burden of the bureaucracy and guide you through the necessary steps:

• Excellent Customer Service
• First Class Claims
• Faster Payment
• Increase Revenue
• Decrease Expenses
• Complete Compliance
• Strong Relationships
• Quick and Accurate Reimbursements
• Billing and A/R Management
• Coding and Claim Scrubbing
• Collection Services of Patients’ Balances